Kyrie Irving is Being a Baby Again

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SJ - December 11, 2020

Kyrie Irving is doing Kyrie Irving things again and that means he's acting like a baby.  The Nets star is getting the new NBA season started by refusing to fulfill his media obligations.

Irving was fined $25,000 by the league for doing so.  Following the fine he released a statement on his refusal to meet with the media.

From Larry Brown Sports:

Irving posted a statement on Instagram Friday that began with a Malcolm X quote about “peace, love and greatness.” He referred to the media as “pawns” and said he hopes the amount he was fined is used toward helping communities in need.

What the fuck is that?  It looks like the ramblings of a mad man.  Good luck getting Irving on track in Brooklyn this season.  They haven't even played their first game and he's already shitting in diapers.

This is Kyrie's move.  He shits in his diaper until the teams he's playing for get tired of changing him.