Tom Brady Reportedly Had Tony Robbins Talk to Antonio Brown Earlier This Year

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SJ - October 24, 2020

Antonio Brown is reuniting with Tom Brady and motivational speaker Tony Robbins might be the reason.  According to sports radio talk show host Andy Slater's sources, Brady had his pal talk to AB earlier this year.

Since then all we've seen from AB is an alleged sex tape with a porn star.  Other than that he's managed to stay out of the headlines for off the field issues.

Brady is a step ahead of the rest.  He had Tony Robbins and his big fucking head get AB straightened out so the Bucs can sign him as soon as his suspension ends.

Next step pick up where they left off during their one game together in New England and win a bunch of games.  Keep Tony on standby just in case.

Tom is clearly running the show in Tompa Bay.


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