LaMelo Ball Admits That Michael Jordan Would Kick His Old Man’s Ass in One-on-One

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SJ - November 21, 2020

LaMelo Ball was drafted by the Hornets with the No. 3 overall pick in last week's NBA Draft.  He's now the face of a franchise desperate for a star.

Ball's father LaVar once claimed he could beat Hornets owner Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one.  Now that LaMelo is playing for MJ, he was asked about his outspoken father's claim.

LaMelo said of the potential game of one-on-one, "I don't think it's gonna happen.  And I think we know how it would turn out, to be honest.  But I mean that is my pops and my boss, so I'm on both sides now."

We all know how that one-on-one would end.  It would end with Jordan kicking the shit out of LaVar.