Michael Porter Jr. Threw Down a Vicious Playoff Teabag on Montrezl Harrell

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SJ - September 8, 2020

The Denver Nuggets are giving the Los Angeles Clippers all they can handle.  After being blown out in Game 1 Denver has been hanging with what many consider the best team in the NBA.

On Monday they came up short and lost the game 113-107.  But before that happened they made it pretty entertaining, including an on-court teabagging.

Michael Porter Jr. threw down a vicious playoff teabag on Montrezl Harrell.  He finished the game with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 1 teabag.  He also managed to put a smile on his old man's face.

The best way to make a name for yourself is by teabagging a defender on a big time dunk.  It's one of my favorite kinds of posterizations.

If the Nuggets can keep these guys together they're going to have a decent team for the next few seasons and plenty of on-court teabagging.