Mike Perry’s Girlfriend Shoots Down Kendra Lust’s Offer to Work the UFC Fighter’s Corner

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SJ - October 7, 2020

UFC fighter Mike Perry is auctioning off the opportunity to work in his corner for his next fight against Robbie Lawler.  The winner of the auction will be joining his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez for the November 21st fight.

During Perry's last fight in the octagon his pregnant girlfriend was the only one who worked his corner.  His rival Darren Till offered up $5,000 to work his corner.

Till's offer was then topped by porn star Kendra Lust, who offered up $6,000 to join Till in Perry's corner.  Perry's girlfriend was having none of it and responded to Lust's offer with a clear no.

It sounds like if Kendra shows up to work Perry's corner that there might be a fight that's not on the card that goes down.  For the record I'm all for it.

A pissed off pregnant woman isn't someone you want to mess with.  Kendra would have her award winning ass handed to her.


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