Model Ashley Haas’ “Sexy Time” Fantasy is to Get it on in an Empty Stadium

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SJ - September 28, 2020

Model Ashley Haas isn't your typical girly girl.  She's a self-described tomboy who is a huge sports fan.  So much so she has a weekly NFL picks show.

The weekly NFL show isn't the only sign that she's a huge sports fan.  Her fandom leaks into everything, including her "sexy fantasies."

From Maxim:

And what should a man never do in the bedroom?

Hm... I don’t think there’s anything he shouldn’t do! I don’t want to limit people. But maybe wearing girl’s underwear. That’s a definite no from me.

Ha! Do you Have any sexy fantasies?

I’ve always had a fantasy of having sexy time in an empty football stadium. Shh...don’t tell my parents.

There are fantasies then there are getting it on in empty stadium fantasies.  That's as next level as fantasies get.  If you're not following Ashley for her Instagram game then you should be to keep up with her NFL picks.

If you're not down with either of those things then you're on the wrong website.