Neymar is Captivated by the Instagram of Spanish “Temptation Island” Contestant Melodie Penalver

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SJ - December 22, 2020

Spanish "Temptation Island" contestant Melodie Penalver has a very strong Instagram game.  I know this because soccer star Neymar recently liked one of her posts.

An endorsement from Neymar is a very strong indication that you're doing Instagram right.  Unfortunately for Neymar, she's been in a relationship for nine years.

From Marca:

Melodie Penalver, a Spanish contestant on the programme 'La isla de las tentaciones' - or 'Temptation Island' in English - received a very special like from Neymar on one of her Instagram photos. The PSG forward seems to have been captivated by 28-year-old Melodie's beauty.


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A post shared by MELODIE PEÑALVER (@melodiepe)

I know I said unfortunately for Neymar that she's been in a relationship for nine years, but it might be unfortunate for her current partner.  Neymar has his ways.


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