Paige Spiranac Gets Bombarded With Requests for Nudes After Her Advice on Sexting Was Taken Out of Context

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SJ - July 7, 2020

Paige Spiranac isn't happy with clickbait articles after she gave out some sexting advice on last week’s episode of her podcast “Playing A Round."   She says those articles led to her being bombarded with requests for nudes.

The sexting advice Paige gave out was if you send a nude to a guy, get the guy to return the favor for collateral.  She knows from firsthand experience the importance of getting collateral.

Guys to the clickbait headlines as an open invitation to DM her for nudes.  Naturally this turned her DMs a dumpster fire.

From NY Post:

During Tuesday’s installment of “Playing A Round,” Spiranac elaborated on the subject of sexting, noting she isn’t a fan.

“This is another thing that really p—es me off, if a guy is asking for a picture, you also have to return the favor with another picture. And it’s not that I really care to see it, it’s more just collateral. I need to have something of yours because you have something of mine,” Spiranac said. “And, I learned that the hard way.”

Paige has spoken.  Don't ruin things for the rest of us with your requests for nudes.  She's not into you and she's never going to send you nudes.

Shoot your shot like a normal human being.  That doesn't mean requesting nudes or sending dick pics.