Paige VanZant Coming in Hot With a Thirst Trap

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SJ - December 5, 2020

Paige VanZant's Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut is set for the Friday before the Super Bowl in early February.  Until then she'll be working on her bare knuckle game and thirst traps.

On Saturday she came in hot with a thirst trap in her thong.  It's an incredible shot of Paige that deserves a ton of undivided attention.


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I'm fully aware of the fact that Paige doesn't give two shits about what I think, and she's really all about the fight game, but I really hope the bare knuckle fighting doesn't fuck up her face.

Instagram has a much bigger reach and much more potential than Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.  Bottom line thirst traps will never get old.