Ryan Fitzpatrick Talked About His Chest Hair During Epic Postgame Interview

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SJ - September 25, 2020

Ryan Fitzpatrick was feeling himself after leading the Dolphins to their first win of the season.  He threw on an outrageous shirt for his on the field postgame interview.

In addition to the Dolphins quarterback's beard being on full display, Fitzpatrick left the top buttons of his shirt unbuttoned to show off his chest hair.  So he had to address the look.

Fitzpatrick explained that his chest hair was an important feature.  He then apologized to the ladies for being taken and told his wife to get the kids to bed.

Fitzmagic isn't dead yet.  This is the kind of postgame interview that could help Miami get on a little winning streak.

It's unlikely, but it could happen.  Fitzmagic is very strong.  I mean look at that outfit again if you don't believe me.  It's incredible.