Seahawks Safety Jamal Adams Appeared to Tweet Out a Picture With a Joint in It

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SJ - October 5, 2020

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams missed Sunday's game against the Dolphins with a groin injury.  He didn't make the trip to Miami either, but he was locked in from home.

Adams tweeted out a picture of himself watching the game from home with his helmet on.  But it's something else that was spotted in the picture that has people talking.

It appears as if a joint was sitting on the table between Adams' legs.  Adding to that suspicion is the fact that Adams deleted the tweet with the picture then reposted it minus the item between his legs.

I'm not sure why he deleted the picture.  Everyone knows a joint a day keeps the doctor away.

Not to mention the fact that positive tests no longer lead to suspensions and it's a lot better for you than taking handfuls of pain meds.

Do you Jamal.


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