Shockingly LeBron James Thinks He’s Actually a King

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SJ - August 29, 2020

The NBA playoff teams that remain in the Disney Bubble have decided to resume the season and finish what they started after boycotting playoff games on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday was a big day with meetings between players, team owners and the NBA.

During the players' meeting and the call with the rest owners and NBA, LeBron James "turned off" other players with his comments.

According to Stephen A. Smith, LeBron was talking as if he were an actual king and the younger players weren't having it.

"I’ve heard, first of all, that he was speaking out of pocket and was talking to the players in a fashion that really turned off some of these young cats off."

What?  The 35-year-old who has been having people bow down to him since he was a teenager thinks he's actually a king?

No way.  Are we talking about the same guy with "King James" as his social media handle?

Hopefully these meetings were an eye opener for the king.