Jarvis Landry Calls on Tom Brady to Use His Voice “We Need To Hear You”

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SJ - July 10, 2020

Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry took to Twitter on Thursday night to call on Tom Brady to use his voice.  He says of the Buccaneers quarterback that the league "needs your voice right now."

Landry called on all of the league's leaders, but he specifically wants to hear from Brady as players go through some more racial tension following DeSean Jackson's anti-Semitic statements.

What, nobody's calling on Drew Brees?  His National Anthem comments were a blessing in disguise for him.  No tackling of anti-Semitic statements for him.

That job apparently belongs to Brady and he must do so without saying anything that upsets the rest of the league and his new teammates.

I'm sure Brady’s TB12 team will come up with something meaningful for him to say.


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