Tennis Player Angelina Dimova is Worth a Look

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SJ - October 9, 2020

Ukrainian tennis player Angelina Dimova seems to be adjusting to life after professional tennis nicely.  The 19-year-old hasn't competed since 2016 and now lives in Miami.

As with most in Miami she's all up to speed on how to be a successful Instagram model.  She still plays tennis and uses that content as part of her formula for success.

As with any strong Instagram game the second part, maybe the most important part of any successful formula, is a strong bikini game.

Angelina absolutely has that part down too.  The result is a large and very active following.

If being a tennis pro doesn't work out, have no worries your training has likely prepared you for the lucrative world of Instagram modeling.

Now not everyone is going to make as smooth of a transition as Angelina has, but there's room on social media for everyone.


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