Terry Bradshaw Doesn’t Like Baker Mayfield

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SJ - November 8, 2020

Terry Bradshaw went on "The Herd" with noted Baker Mayfield hater Colin Cowherd and revealed that he doesn't like the Browns quarterback either.

The Hall of Famer bases his hatred of Mayfield solely on how he acts on the field.  He's never met the Heisman Trophy winner.

"I don’t like Baker Mayfield.  I never did like Baker Mayfield.  I don’t like people like that.  I’m a character guy.  I’ve never met the man, he might be the most wonderful human being in the world.  But his body language and the way he acts, it’s a turnoff for me."

You better get the fuck off of Terry Bradshaw's lawn with all that celebrating.  He's not having any of it, not out of Baker Mayfield anyway.

Hating a guy for how he acts on the field without ever meeting him makes a ton of sense.  It's one of sports talk's favorite pastimes.