The Brewers Booed Christian Yelich With Fake Crowd Noise

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SJ - July 16, 2020

The Brewers held an inter-squad game at Miller Park earlier this week and pumped in fake crowd noise for the game.  The purpose obviously is to get their players prepared for the planned use of fake crowd noise during the pandemic shortened season.

For some reason they decided to boo their biggest star, Christian Yelich.  Maybe they were preparing him for life on the road, but it doesn't seem like something you want to do to a MLB player and their weak minds.

It looks like I was right.  The fake booing got to him, he struggled mightily during the game and struckout at least three times.

The Brewers might want to overdo some cheering the next time he steps to the plate.  Otherwise, they might have broken their star and a 60 game season might not be long enough for him to get right.


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