The NBA Had to Remind Players in the Bubble to Wear Clothes When Receiving Room Service

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SJ - July 17, 2020

The NBA's Disney Bubble has been a wild experiment so far and they haven't even started playing games yet.  Players have been spending their free time fishing, chugging beer and snitching on each other.

They've also been enjoying room service, apparently without clothes on.  The NBA sent a memo out to teams reminding them to wear clothes when receiving their room service.

That's right, grown-ass men have to be reminded to answer their door with clothes on.

Who doesn't order room service then immediately take their clothes off?  They've been away from their ladies for a week or so now, maybe they're hoping for a hot delivery girl and little action by answering the door in a towel.

I'm not here to judge, but this has to be a widespread issue if it was included in the league's memo.


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