Tiger Woods’ Mistress Rachel Uchitel is Telling All in an Upcoming HBO Documentary

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SJ - November 11, 2020

Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel will be making an appearance in an upcoming HBO documentary about the golfer.  She is telling all about her relationship that helped end Tiger's marriage to model Elin Nordegren.

From The Sun:

In a HBO press release, it states that the Alaska native - who was the "woman at the centre of the sex scandal" that ended his marriage - will reveal all about their secret rendezvous.

As well as Uchitel, Woods' first lover Dina Parr will also speak about her relationship with the 15-time Major winner.

The documentary showcases his downward spiral before eventually finding redemption after winning the Masters in 2019 - his first Major in 11 years.

I think we really need to revisit the term 15 minutes of fame.  Nowadays it's more like 20 minutes of fame.  Several years after the 15 are up people like Rachel pop back up for a few more minutes with tell alls and shit.

I'm not hating.  I'll have the Vaseline out while I watch it like everyone else.