Tom Brady Blows Potential Game Winning Drive After Forgetting What Down it Was

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SJ - October 9, 2020

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers offense got the ball with 1:13 left in the 4th quarter down by a point.  Everything was setup for the 43-year-old to carry his team to victory.

Brady instead forced a pass on 4th down and gave the ball back to the Bears.  Why did he even attempt that pass?  Because he thought it was third down.

After the incompletion the Bucs quarterback stood there asking the referees if it was now 4th down.

What a sad moment.  All of the hits throughout the game clearly took their toll on the elderly Brady and he's now senile.

To be fair to Brady this game wasn't lost on the final drive.  The Bucs can't stop getting called for stupid penalties and ruining drives.


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