Tony Dungy Says Dak Prescott’s Injury “Might Be a Blessing in Disguise for the Cowboys”

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SJ - October 12, 2020

Dak Prescott's broken ankle was a huge blow to the Cowboys and their fans on Sunday.  Players from around the league sent their love the Cowboys quarterback's way.

Everyone except Tony Dungy responded to the injury by wishing Prescott well.  The head coaching legend, who is now an analyst, gave an incredibly hot take on the injury on "Football Night in America."

Dungy thinks Prescott's devastating injury "might be a be a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys."  He pointed to the fact that Andy Dalton is Dallas' backup.

What an incredible take and I love everything about it.  Dungy could have waited until Prescott's season was cold, but other than that it's a great take.

A take I hope spreads around the league.  The Cowboys are better with Andy Dalton.  Let them win a few games and watch this take get hotter.

This is why Tony Dungy is on TV in case you were wondering.


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