Tulane Safety Tyler Judson Was Arrested for Punching a Woman in the Face Outside of a Waffle House

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SJ - May 28, 2020

Tulane safety Tyler Judson was arrested last weekend after sending an 18-year-old high school senior to the hospital.  He is accused of punching Denisha Coleman in the face outside of a Waffle House in Louisiana.

According to a witness, Judson sent Coleman face-first to the pavement with one punch.  She's currently in the hospital with multiple facial fractures.

A Tulane University football player was arrested Sunday morning for attacking a young woman in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Police say Denisha Coleman, just 70 pounds and 5’1” tall, was punched in the face early Sunday morning by 185-pound Tyler Judson.

The pair were outside of a Waffle House in Zachary. One punch, a witness said, flipped Coleman face-first onto the pavement.

Wow...This is absolutely insane.  Who in their right mind punches a person that small, let alone a woman?  This fucking guy has clearly hit his head too many times to be trusted.