UFC Octagon Girl Jhenny Andrade Does Her Best Paris Hilton in a Tiny Green Bikini

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SJ - August 9, 2020

Brazilian UFC Octagon Girl Jhenny Andrade set Instagram on fire Saturday with an incredible bikini selfie.

According to her caption, which I translated using Google, this selfie in a tiny green bikini was from her camera roll and some sort of Paris Hilton recreation.

Of the 14,089 photos of my camera roll I found this lost one ...
A selfie attempt with "Paris Hilton in the garden"
How many pictures do you have on the camera roll?
Who out there beats me?

I can't say for sure who has the better selfie because I haven't seen the Paris Hilton one, but what I can say is Jhenny nailed her selfie.

Doing her thing in the octagon is the easy part.  Entertaining the masses on a loaded social media platform is where the real talent comes into play.