We Had Our First Socially Distant Manager-Umpire Argument and It Was Hilarious

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SJ - July 26, 2020

Baseball is back and it's definitely different.  There aren't any fans in attendance and some players, coaches and umpires are wearing masks.

There are also social distancing protocols in place, even for manager-umpire arguments.  On Sunday we got our first look at a socially distant manager-umpire argument and it was hilarious.

During the Pirates 5-1 win over the Cardinals the home plate umpire ejected Pittsburgh pitcher Derek Holland for arguing balls and strikes from the stands.

His manager Derek Shelton went to defend him and the comedy ensued.  Shelton pulled his mask up, waited for the umpire to put his mask on, then stood a few feet away and calmly argued with the umpire over the ejection.

This is pure comedy.  If you can't find the humor in this then you might need to have your pulse checked.


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