Bengals WR A.J. Green Asked to Be Traded During Sunday’s Loss to the Ravens

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SJ - October 12, 2020

Another disappointing season in Cincinnati has star wide receiver A.J. Green asking for a trade.  The request came on the sideline as he was talking to what appears to be one of the Bengals coaches.

The cameras just happened to be on Green as he mouthed the words "just trade me."

I guess Green's not impressed with the offense or its rookie quarterback Joe Burrow.  The 1-3-1 Bengals only managed to put up three points in the 24 point loss to the Ravens.

If Green really wants out then we can expect things in Cincy to get even uglier than it already is.

On the bright side it's almost always entertaining to watch a star athlete leave a dumpster fire organization.


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