Charlotte Flair Says Her WWE Absence is Due to Issues With Her Boob Job

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SJ - July 15, 2020

Charlotte Flair's recent WWE absence has apparently been the topic of discuss on the internet.  So she decided to take to Twitter to set the record straight.

Her absence is due to having an issue with her boob job fixed.  Charlotte says her issues started back in 2018 when she became sick due to silicone poisoning.

Back in 2018 she took a quick fix so that she could get back in the ring sooner.  A few months ago her implants started to leak again and this time around Charlotte decided to have a different procedure with a lengthier recovery time.

Thankfully Flair got the issue fixed and didn't have her implants removed.  I think it's safe to say your average wrestling fan prefers his Divas with enhanced breasts.  You know for the storylines.


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