Corey Seager and Madisyn Van Ham Tied the Knot this Weekend

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SJ - December 7, 2020

Corey Seager and his fiancee Madisyn Van Ham made it official this weekend and tied the knot.  The Dodgers star shortstop picked up another ring in 2020 and this one doesn't have an asterisk associated with it.

Mrs. Seager was very excited to make the announcement and took to Instagram to share a picture from the "best day" of their lives.  Here's a look at the newly weds.

The pandemic hasn't slowed Seager down at all.  If anything it helped him out.  The shortened season helped him win a phony World Series and I'm assuming the guest list for their wedding was a little shorter than they had originally planned.

A shorter guest list means he gets to keep more of those MLB paychecks.