LeBron’s No. 1 Fan Rihanna Celebrated the Lakers Championship by Singing “We Are the Champions”

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SJ - October 12, 2020

LeBron's No. 1 fan Rihanna had no time for losers on Sunday night.  She was celebrating the Lakers championship at some sort of bizarre backyard watch party.

One of the world's biggest pop stars wore a Kobe Bryant jersey, held a handful of Lakers balloons and sang "We are the Champions" with a few of her friends.

In the caption she mentioned her king, LeBron, Anthony Davis and Kobe.  It's quite the scene.

These kinds of videos have to make life at home uncomfortable for LeBron.  His wife can't be too happy about one of the world's richest and hottest singers on the planet being his "No. 1 fan."

If Bronny was smart, he would use this as a way to deflect from the punishment that's coming his way.  "Hey mom, did you see that Rihanna video that she mentioned dad in the caption?"


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