Paul George Drops 32 With His Girlfriend Daniela Rajic Courtside

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SJ - September 8, 2020

Paul George's girlfriend Daniela Rajic is in the NBA's Disney Bubble and Playoff P is officially back.  He's led the Clippers in scoring the last two playoff games, including 32 points on Monday night with Rajic courtside.

Los Angeles took a 2-1 lead over the Nuggets thanks to Playoff P.  Daniela had herself a big night too as she slid down her NBA mask for a courtside selfie.

Stephen A. was onto something.  Paul George was obviously one of the guys who had some issues with being isolated from the outside world.  Most importantly his girlfriend.

Teams might want to consider hiring someone to spy on her so they can catch her breaking the bubble rules.  Nothing would cause Playoff P to meltdown faster than his girlfriend being sent packing from Orlando.