Stephen A. Smith Advocates for Conjugal Visits in the Bubble

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SJ - August 12, 2020

Stephen A. Smith went on "First Take" on Wednesday morning and advocated for conjugal visits in the bubble.

This on the same day the NBA sent out a memo laying out the rules for the guests who would be allowed in the Disney Bubble after the first round of the playoffs.  Guess what, no Instagram models...

That's right the NBA knows all about the league's attraction to the women on social media (fucking hilarious).

Stephen A. argued that players only need one person to help them deal with the isolation from the outside world.  The no Instagram rule might be a bit of a problem some.

This isn't the first time Stephen A. has discussed the impacts of players not being able to have sex and it probably won't be the last.  That's not all that surprising.

The most surprising thing about the bubble so far might be the fact that nobody has been busted leaving or bringing anyone in.  The closest thing to that is Donovan Mitchell's interesting livestream mishap.

If I had to put money on it, I would bet there's a some bubble sex going on somehow, some way.