Raiders Tackle Trent Brown Was Taken to the Hospital After an Issue With His Pregame IV

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SJ - November 2, 2020

Raiders tackle Trent Brown was set to make his return to the lineup on Sunday after spending time on the COVID-19 list following a positive test.  A pregame issue with an IV would send him to the hospital instead.

According to reports, Brown was hospitalized overnight after air entered his bloodstream while he was receiving an IV prior to kickoff.

What is going on with teams' medical staff this season?  Have they all of the sudden forgotten how to do their job?

Brown's IV issue on Sunday along with Tyrod Taylor's punctured lung while receiving a pain injection has to be raising some red flags.

I'm not going to go as far as to say they shouldn't be performing these things in the locker room, but they need to factor in that this is 2020 and all kinds of weird shit is happening.  They clearly aren't doing that.