Cardinals Fan Sent Flying After Confronting a Cowboys Fan

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SJ - October 20, 2020

One of the best parts about having fans attend games, other than not having to rely on the weird pumped in crowd noise, is that fans love to fight.  Some pretend not enjoy fan fights, but not me.  I'm a big fan.

There was a brief exchange between a Cardinals and Cowboys fan that didn't end well for the Cardinals fan.  He thought he was a tough guy and decided to confront a Cowboys fan several rows behind him.

Unfortunately (for him anyway) he forgot one basic rule, the high ground always wins.  The Cowboys fan gave him a firm shove and sent him flying back to his seat.

The Cowboys should really consider offering this fan a job.  He knows how to take out the trash and without hesitation.

Mike McCarthy would have been staring at his play sheet while the Cardinals fan shit all over him.